Meridian Hive, explorers of the geography of honey.

Our mission is to bring to you a modern take on an ancient beverage, a wine made from honey better known as mead.




Our Story

Meridian Hive was founded in 2012 by homebrewers with a vision… to reinvent the perception of mead. While mead has been made and consumed through the ages across many cultures and continents, until recently, it was all but forgotten in North America. Most folk who are aware of mead think of it as a highly intoxicating and overly sweet honey drink, a historical relic only to be imbibed at renaissance festivals. Our founders realized that the general population had never been introduced to a wider variety of honey wines. From completely dry and wine-like, to a lightly sweetened cider-like beverage, and many points in-between, we invite you to explore the wide range of meads with us.