Bee Conscious™ Small Business Spotlight: Bee Friendly Austin & Texas Honey Bee Farm

Nestled into the hills of South East Austin is a beautifully buzzing haven, which serves as a home for 150 thriving bee colonies. Tanya Philips and Chuck Reburn started Bee Friendly as a Backyard Apiary in 2013, but after their hobby became more involved, they officially launched the Bee Friendy Austin Foundation. Bee Friendly exists to increase awareness of the value of bees, educate beekeepers, encourage good hive management practices, and to support scientific research and education. Bee Friendly partnered with BeeWeaver, created the Texas Honey Bee Farm, and now offer classes, demos, Queens, and equipment for beekeepers.

This past week the staff here at Meridian Hive took a road trip down to the Bee Friendly farm to show our appreciation in its involvement in the community, and volunteer some of our time.

After a warm welcome, Tanya and Chuck ushered everyone inside the gift shop which was filled to the brim with a wide variety of bee paraphernalia:

Artisinal Honey made at the farm (my favorite was a Huckleberry Whipped Honey)

Bee Jewelry


Body Care Products

Hives for sale

Bee suits

It was like a bee lovers paradise!

Once we all got settled in, Tanya and Chuck gave us a crash course on beekeeping. We learned about the inner workings of Bee Hives, what they teach in their beekeeping classes and the valuable message Bee Friendly promotes.

After we asked a few questions and shared some laughs, we went to work constructing wooden hive drawers (Langstroth Hives to be exact). Typically these drawers are stacked and used as aids in which bees can build their hives. These particular hives will also be primed and used as canvases for local artists during the Annual Tour De Hives. This fundraising event allows local artists or amateurs to show off their talents through hive decor!  On Saturday, August 17th be sure to make it out to Bee Friendly and vote for your favorite! There will also be guest speakers, Honey tastings, local vendors, silent auctions, and more! Come and support the Bee Friendly Foundation.

-Meridian Hive

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