Meridian Hive launches Skinny Bee Variety Pack

We first hit you with Skinny Bee Blueberry in the summer of 2020. Then came Cranberry just in time for the holidays. Now, Meridian Hive is excited to launch our new Skinny Bee variety pack including our two newest flavors – Acai Berry and Grapefruit!

Over are the days of boring, barely-there flavored hard seltzers and watered-down light beers! Skinny Bee has just 100 calories and 2g of sugar per can to deliver a beverage from nature, not filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

“Skinny Bee is a continuation of Meridian Hive’s vision, which has always been to deliver high-quality, hand-crafted, delicious honey-based beverages for the everyday person to enjoy,” says our CEO, Cayce Rivers.

When asked about why Meridian Hive went the natural route when most beverage manufacturers use artificial ingredients, Rivers replied, “with the explosion of hard seltzers and ready-to-drink beverage choices, consumers continue to look for beverages not made in a lab or marketing meeting, but rather sourced from good old Mother Nature.”

We use pure honey and real fruit in all of our products - always have, always will. Skinny Bee is a natural extension of exploring fruit and flavor. As the seltzer market moves forward, we look beyond the current trends and created a beverage that’s completely different than anything else on the shelves.

Skinny Bee is refreshing, easy to drink, crushable, and the perfect beverage to share with your friends or keep to yourself.

Skinny Bee variety pack is hitting Austin area HEBs the second week of March and expanding to the rest of Texas by the end of March. It is also now available for online orders.

-Meridian Hive

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