Aoife's Cran Crush 🍒

Aoife's Cran Crush

Turkeys are thawed, sides are planned, but have you got your cocktail yet? Don’t let it be another nameless bottle of wine year! Impress your guests with Aoife’s Cran Crush - a refreshing cocktail using Skinny Bee Cranberry, Dripping Springs vodka, and Grand Marnier.

Aoife’s Cran Crush
🦃1.5 oz vodka - we used Dripping Springs vodka
🦃1.5 oz orange liqueur - we used Grand Marnier
🦃1 whole lime juiced
🦃1/4 cup orange juice fresh-squeezed
🦃1/4 cup cranberry juice
🦃1 can of Skinny Bee Cranberry

Fill to the top a 32 oz mason jar with ice. Pour all ingredients except Skinny Bee Cranberry over the ice. Stir to mix thoroughly. Fill remaining with Skinny Bee Cranberry. If too tart, split Skinny Bee Cranberry 50/50 with lemon-lime soda.

Happy Thanksgiving!

**note 32oz mason jar is perfect for having fun with or temporarily forgetting they’re your family! Please drink responsibly, don’t drive, and bee safe.

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