Spiked Orange (Dreamsicle) Julius

Does anything scream summer more than our new Orange Dreamsicle?

Tangy tangerine paired with creamy vanilla, a match made in Hard Honey heaven! 

Our latest cocktail recipe tastes just like being a kid again - with the added perk of booze, of course. 

🍊Spiked Orange Julius 🍊


🍊3/4 can Orange Dreamsicle Hard Honey (sip the rest while you make this recipe)

🍊1/4 cup fresh OJ

🍊 Splash of half and half

🍊 1.5 ounce whipped cream vodka

🍊 Top with whipped cream 


Add ice to glass and combine all other ingredients. Stir before adding whipped cream to top. Enjoy! 

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