The Meridian Hive Cocktail Guide

Meridian Hive creates unique and flavorful beverages crafted with versatility in mind. Cool, crisp, and delicious right out of the fridge, Meridian Hive also turns your standard cocktail into an Austin mead surprise!

After careful thought and curation (and some hands-on testing), we are building our cocktail recipe list so you can bring these drinks into your home.

No boredom here: by creating a cocktail using Meridian Hive products, we pulled out different and distinctive flavors to create a special experience.  

This cocktail list contains simple, easily-made cocktails and more craft-style drinks if you’re feeling a little fancy. We blend the flavors of fruit and honey with spirits that highlight those notes.

We are Austin-made, Texas proud so we chose local liquor brands that pair beautifully with our products.

If you’re not in Austin, we suggest checking out local brands near you. Not only is supporting local important to us, but we like to cut down on our carbon footprint, which is excellent for our other partner – the bees! Meridian Hive is, after all, honey wine and we love our pollinating friends.

We made our products to be as versatile as possible, so you can customize a drink that’s perfect for you. From new takes on classic cocktails, to innovative pairings that you’ve never had before, this list is sure to have a beverage for everyone.

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