Grow With Us - Meridian Hive’s Environmental Commitment

Along with our focus on producing stellar beverages for you, one of our major goals here at Meridian Hive is to encourage sustainability and promote environmentally friendly options.

To further this message, we have launched two new endeavors.

The first being that we have made the switch to Grip-Pak rings on all of our 4 packs as well as going completely plastic free for our mixed four packs and Skinny Bee Variety boxes. While these rings may look like the old-school plastic rings, they are infused with new technology making them one of the best options out there and our new boxes are made with recycled cardboard. Along with the environmentally friendly box, we are also very excited to launch our wildflower packets with Skinny Bee. Wildflowers are an easy way to beautify your neighborhood as well as provide a safe home and treasure trove of pollen for the bees.

The switch to Grip-Pak tops was made to provide ease and sustainability to deliver our products to you. These Grip-Paks are less plastic than the old Packtech tops. They may look similar to the old plastic rings, but these Grip-Paks are made from a photodegradable plastic that will break down in sunlight. We still recommending snipping the loops! You will notice these rings on all single-flavor four packs in the future.

The employment of the recycled cardboard boxes in another method of going as sustainable as possible. These boxes allow us to eliminate all plastic in the packaging of our Core 4 mixed-packs and Skinny Bee Variety packs. Our boxes are made of unbleached, kraft paperboard and made with up to 15% recycled fibers. Cayce Rivers, CEO, explains, “In the current retail environment, can carriers are a necessity for our products. For the craft beverage industry, the standard has been plastic 4 or 6 pack carriers. Last year, our team was determined to find more environmentally-friendly options, and I'm proud to see that we now have two new options hitting the shelves.”

Another sustainability project we’re launching is our Grow With Us campaign. Your favorite summer beverages now comes with wildflower seed packages.

Why wildflowers? The short answer is, they’re awesome. Wildflowers are one of the easiest flowers to grow. The most important aspect of wildflower growth is seed to soil contact,  meaning you don’t have to do anything other than bald your grass!

If you decide to plant in the ground, it is recommended to plant at the beginning of spring or during fall – this is when the rains are best suited for germination. If you choose to plant in a moveable planter or bed, you can plant at any time of the year. Once seeds have been sprinkled across soil, gently water the thoroughly the first day and lightly water every 3 days for the next 3 weeks after that. You should begin to see sprouts in 10-20 days.

When the wildflowers begin to bloom is when the real magic starts. The USDA says that “Wildflowers can improve soil health, prevent erosion, improve water quality, increase yields and enhance forage conditions for livestock,” and according to a study, bees who are near a wildflower source have a hive survival rate 4x greater than those who don’t.

Wildflowers are a beautiful way to feed the bees who need our help! These wildflower patches provide a haven for all pollinating creatures while also transforming a dull patch into a beautiful mini-meadow, teeming with nature. We at Meridian Hive are excited to start these wildflower patches all over Texas in honor of the bees.

Remaining conscious of our earth is one of our top priorities at Meridian Hive. We aim to deliver unique products with an intentional message in order to provide you with the best experience and best product.

We look forward to seeing the wildflowers for many years to come. Remember, Bee Conscious.

How to Plant the Meridian Hive Seed Card

Step 1: Soak sheet overnight


Step 2: Find a place to distribute sheet in direct sunlight with no foot traffic 


Step 3: Tear to distribute seed paper

Step 4: Place 1/4" soil over paper water daily for 10 days

-Meridian Hive

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