Meridian Hive now has Nutritional Information

Hello Meridian Hive Fans, welcome to 2021! We got so much done in 2020, with many more plans coming up this year.

The first project we’re launching is a couple of slight changes to our original cans.

Many of us are trying to lose the COVID 19, and we had a lot of requests for the calories in Meridian Hive.  

What this means:

All nutritional information will be present on Meridian Hive drafts produced in 2021 (you may still find some older cans out in the wild!). Here’s what one of the nutritional labels will look like:

We’re also making all of our session crushers 5% ABV across the board, by reducing sugar and lowering ABV from 6.5%.

What this means:

You get a more pace-able, easy-to-drink style with no change to how it tastes.

You can find our freshly redesigned drafts in stores now – cheers!

-Meridian Hive

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